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Shamanism is a very old practice that has been around for thousands of years. It is an ancient healing tradition that has extended from the Amazon Rainforest in South America, and then slowly spreads it wings to different sections of the world. As many people who have links to beliefs linked to Shamanism they keep this quiet to prevent any scrutiny from taking place against their beliefs including their ways of life.

Shamanism is used for healing the mind, body, and spirit. Living a healthy life free of any poisonous foods that can cause illness. Shamanism most see it as a religion, but it is more of a belief and practice than a religion. Shamanism including soul retrieval have been around for a total of 40,000 years. Both of these practices are practiced by healers of every prodigenous culture here on Earth. Shamanism goes more in depth by speaking on behalf of our protective fields, power animals, soul loss, soul sharing or stealing, the story of Little Johnny (shamanism story told to better explain Soul Loss) including other lessons weaved into Shamanism.

Soul Loss in particular can be explained rather clearly as how most veterans that have come home from the war, and do not appear to act like themselves. They have PSTD which is considered as a form of soul loss. There are many things which can cause soul loss in many people such as the death of a loved one, an accident, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, abandonment etc. etc. Symptoms that can tell you if you/or someone else has experienced soul loss includes depression, feeling spaced out, having recurring abusive patterns show up in our relationships, not remembering parts of your past, disconnecting from our feelings etc etc.

Power Animals sound a lot like spirit animals talked about in Native American traditions. In Shamanistic beliefs we are said to be born with at least 2-3 power animals which are here to protect us. They are on our energy levels, and help protect our energy levels. Power animals match our personalities, and help with challenging tasks. Everybody has different combinations of power animals each with different qualities that matches the individuals. They will come and go during our life, but that is when newer ones will step up to take the previous power animals place.

Shamanism is not bad at all. Just like many other beliefs connected with the Occult. If you want to explore them you can. Nobody is going to make you unless you fall under peer pressure easily. I am exploring the different aspects myself, and I learned a great deal. The Akashic Record is an actual book of records with all sorts of knowledge in its pages. You can read more about it in my previous blog post. I am sure quite a bit of you will enjoy that blog post very much.

If there are any questions you have on Shamanism please feel free to ask me. I know I may be learning more about it, but it never hurts to ask questions. See you all in the next blog post. :)

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