Thursday, September 18, 2014

Odin's Day.

Every Wednesday is important for spirits that thrive to grow more spiritually. Also by growing closer to our inner selves. I learned yesterday that you can sacrifice one thing to Yggdrasil the World Tree. Whichever sacrifice you make Yggdrasil will test you to see if you are worthy enough. To see if you are ready to grow more. I was unsure of what my test would be like because everybody's is different. As soon as I made my sacrifice to Yggdrasil yesterday my test started right then and there. I have fears I need to face in order for me to grow more. That is why so many who accept other practices/beliefs are unsure of what might happen because it is fear which holds them back. I admit I am one of those that is unsure of the results, but it never hurts to find a way to take on that fear or whatever it is that is holding you back from your spiritual growth.

Odin's Day involves a test that Odin himself had to take. Which involved the loss of his eye. He sacrificed his eye so he could drink from the Well of Wisdom so he can obtain all knowledge to become an all knowing God. Not only did he lose his eye he had to be impaled by his own spear Gugnir for nine days straight, and was given the Futhark runes for surpassing this major test.

When Yggdrasil gives you the test it happens in stages to help you grow after each phase/stage is complete. It is all about taking small steps to achieve your goal. I feel stronger today than I have in what seems like forever stronger spiritually not physically. I feel better now that I overcame my first obstacle. I think many who believe in Odin and many other Norse Gods should look into Odin's Day on Wednesday. Each test for everybody is completely different. The best thing is to be prepared for what your test may hold. Also to be prepared to act.

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