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Gods and Goddesses of War

I really would love to go ahead and get more in depth with the various gods and goddesses who were on Earth thousands of years ago. I do know they existed because there cannot be just one God. Anyway I am not going to get into a big debate or anything. But my opinion is that they did exist and I believe in pretty much all of them a few I accepted into my life just recently. There are quite a few gods and goddesses I do know of. I do admit there are dozens upon dozens of others I do not know of at all. For this post I would like to talk about both sides. You can do more research into them yourself unless you want me to do another blog post on specific gods or goddesses I do not know of that well.

A Goddess of War I chose to start with is from Greece her name is Athena. A symbol I am quite familiar with is her symbol the Owl. Owls were always connected to the wisdom Athena has as a Goddess of War. She is one of the children of Zeus who is the Greek ruler of all of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Many should pretty much already know all the Gods and Goddesses of Greece were pretty much children of Zeus. No reason to go on much further with explaining her story.


Murugan is a God of War in Hindu beliefs. He is the only one I could come across.  The vehicle he uses is by the Peacock more than likely that is an animal this God greatly associates with. The Black Panther's eyes decorate the feathers of a Peacock which shows great mysticism. Murugan is the son of Parvati (The Divine Mother), and Shiva (The Destroyer). There could be other Gods of War within the Hindu beliefs but the only one I came across is Murugan. If you are curious enough you can research it.


Mars is the Roman God of War. His Roman God symbol is the symbol used for Male. Mars was not always a God of War. Before he was a God of spring, protector of cattle, and growth in nature. The Earth element is connected to this god which probably is why he became a God of War later on. His parents are both Jupiter and Juno. There are other sources would not know if these were true, but Mars is considered the child of both Romulus and Remus. Romulus being the man who founded Rome, and the people of Rome.


Wepwawet is a God of War in Egypt I definitely need to talk about. Reason number one is the mass confusion of the god being mixed up with the God of Mummification (Anubis). Wepwawet is not a Jackal-headed god. Wepwawet is a Wolf-headed god. You can even see the difference yourself. Jackals have ears that stick up and are pointed. Wolves ears are are not that pointy. Google pictures of both animals and see it for yourself. With the link I am going to shared from Crystalinks it distinctly explains that Wepwawet is depicted as either a wolf or jackal headed god.


Camulos is a Roman-Celtic God of war. He is greatly associated with the Roman God of War (Mars). Camulos was considered the tribal god of the Remi. The Remi was a Gallic tribe living in Germany, Belgium, and within the Netherlands. Camulos was said to have wielded an invincible sword. Not sure if this connection is made to Mars, or why the connection was made at all. Looking into it more may provide the answers pointing towards these two gods including this connection they share.


Huitzilopochtli is the Aztec God of War and the God of the Sun. In Aztec beliefs Huizilopochtli is connected to the hummingbird or to an eagle. Both birds hold strong associations within Aztec beliefs. His name refers to an event after death where the soldiers that have perished will return as hummingbirds or eagles (reincarnated) and be apart of the left side of the world. Huitzilopochtli almost met his fate when his brothers and his sister tried to kill him. He was too cunning for them and foiled their plot, and he took his turquoise snake and slew them.


Nacon is the Mayan God of War. There is not much history on this god except for just being the God of War. I have a link that shows Nacon, and there may be another god of war. Maybe even a goddess of war. I never knew of any Mayan, Incan, or Aztec goddesses of war. So they may be rare to find unless there are wise tales of a female fighter during the times the Aztecs, Incans, or Mayans were around. It will just take time to search for the right information. Unless you call upon the god/ goddess themselves asking who they were.

Nacon: (Bottom of Page)

Bellona is the Roman Goddess of War she is identified with the Greek Goddess of War Enyo. Bellona is seen as the sister or wife of the God of War (Mars). A temple was built in her honor near the temple of Apollo. Others were merely just references to other temples to this goddess. For those that invoke this goddess it is said that her presence would help battles/wars go a lot smoother. She is described as being loud and active as she barks orders to other soldiers. She has a very energetic quality to her and one of high leadership standards.


I tried my best to see if there were more goddesses of war that I could include here. Couldn't find any goddesses of war in the South American and Central American regions. I knew there were goddesses of war from the Greek and Roman beliefs. Egyptian I believe there is to be a goddess of war.  I only did gods/goddesses I and others are familiar with. And chose a few here and there I do not know myself, others may not know either. With Nacon it might have to be in your hands to research into his life more. I could rarely find anything myself on him. I wanted to be more diverse with this post so far I included Roman, Greek, Roman-Celtic, Mayan, Aztec, and Egyptian. Next I am going to choose among Gods and Goddesses of a different meaning perhaps love, wisdom, knowledge, beauty, agriculture etc.

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