Monday, August 4, 2014

Spells and Rituals.

I learned quite a bit about spells and rituals within the passing days. I always figured spells and rituals always had to be done at the same time. Well I am glad I had more than one person explain the same experience they had, but with different spells they cast. Spells you can do with rituals also you can do spells without rituals. A friend he taught my how to do a spell by writing the runic symbol Fehu in green either with a pen, colored pencil, highlighter, marker etc. Then store it in my wallet or put in my pocket to keep it safe. The spell should unfold within a matter of days. As long as you keep a positive mind set on the spell your desire will be fulfilled.

Not only did two of my friends tell me this. Another guy in this Pagan group I am in on Facebook told me how he could just think of a spell to do without a ritual. Or he can think of what he desires then it happens. Two of my friends said the exact same thing. They did not need a bunch of items for a ritual to get a spell to happen. They could just think of what they desired then it happened. It had a lot to do with intention which creates an energy to let anything you need to happen in no time.

Some may claim it isn't possible but with people already having experiences it is pretty damn possible. Energy is what creates a lot of things even events to take place in ones life. Rituals can be useful to increase the energy/power of a spell. Without a ritual you can do that same spell more than once to make it more powerful and more effective. I learned two types of spells from my close friend. I will use those two so I can learn about doing spells without a ritual, once I get use to it I could probably give a few pointers to those interested in learning.

Being doubtful is one way that can cause a spell or ritual to fall through. Never be doubtful keep a positive mind always when chanting a spell or performing a ritual.

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