Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Connecting to My Inner Self

Since my first phase of Yggdrasil' test I connected much better to my inner self. Our inner self is technically where all the amazing magical events happen. The stronger we connect to our inner self the more we are capable of increasing our spiritual gifts/abilities to help ourselves including others. I use to always find it uber difficult to connect to my inner self, because all I ever was told is to look within myself. Looking within yourself spiritually is super freaking hard to grasp including understanding how to. The first phase I was in last Wednesday I felt it was the right time to look to my inner self. I told her to come and help me protect my friend who was having this entity of some kind drain his power. When growing spiritually and as you increase those psychic senses to work to their full potential there will be entities you never knew existed. It does seem scary a first but you will overcome that fear to deal with them.

I completed my second phase on Sunday if I remember correctly. My second phase involved me using the healing gifts I have on a friend who was having pain in his heart chakra and in his spine. I felt really exhausted after that since it was my very first time ever healing someone else. I never healed before at all. With my inner self she is a destructive force of energy that can pretty much cause harm, but also she is a giver of life she can heal illnesses/diseases. Technically I can do as much harm as I can the same amount I can do good in the world. Once I grow stronger to my healing abilities I could easily heal without feeling exhausted afterwards.

I am still learning more about my inner self such as what gifts do I have hidden away I could use to help people. How I can become a being that will teach others how to connect to their inner selves. To let them expand their consciousness to greater lengths. My Gods have helped me a good bit as well in standing by me as I grow more. What I am very happy about is overcoming the fears that hindered me from growing. I understood who I truly am I had the difficulties of wanting to grow but afraid of the outcome. Now with the other phase I took I didn't even think "No it will not work." "I am not strong enough to achieve something so great." After I went after what I knew would be good for spiritual growth everything felt so much better. It is just what I want to go after next is the real question.

Emerald Tablets and the Kybalion are still highly important. Astral Projection has not been done yet. Maybe later on down the line when I increase my senses it will never hurt to give astral projection a try. The problem with astral projection is the number of different techniques there should only be a few not a zillion. I still have my Tarot cards but haven't touched them in a while. It will just be another thing I plan on doing later on.

Basically I am more focused on growing more spiritually. In each post I may share more of my experiences unless you would enjoy me venturing down into another area of the Occult. It is still super interesting I enjoy it a lot. Although some people may not agree but oh well people have their differences.

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