Thursday, October 16, 2014

Magick Seals

Magical seals I deem to be another important form of framework within ones own spiritual growth. I have worked with a few myself. I had a friend pick which ones he thought would be good for me to try out. I tried the Planetary Seal of the Sun, Seal of Aratron/Saturn, and a seal from the Lesser Keys of Solomon. The Planetary Seal of the Sun calls forth the spirit of the Sun to help with spiritual transformation. I called him back to my spirit once again today I need him to help me transform even more. I gave the Sun spirit a long enough break to recharge himself. The seal of Saturn it helps in sensing spirits that are near you or nearby. The seal used from the Lesser Keys of Solomon helps obtain information through dreams.

The seal I used from the Lesser Keys was a tad bit difficult to draw since I do not write in Hebrew. I am hoping that I can remember who I truly am I have begun unlocking each of my abilities as best as I could. I will still try no matter what. These seals specifically the Lesser Keys seal and the Sun seal have proven to be rather helpful. Still needs to practice with the Seal of Aratron some more. I can sense my friends spirit when he comes to me, but other spirits I have not really had the ability to sense yet. In a matter of time once I adapt my spiritual senses to greater heights seals will be a lot more helpful.

Magical seals can call upon spirits of the 4 Elements, from the different planets, from other dimensions. It is best to take heed when using a seal to make sure you are choosing a seal that is easy to harness. Today I may look into more seals from the Lesser Keys of Solomon to call upon the spirit of Air. I was born under the Air symbol and I am sure it will be rather simple to achieve. My Fire element is kind of hard to work with on myself. But burning someones Solar Plexus is easy. I may be able to learn a lot more from these seals even more as this point in time. I will mention my progress with these seals every now and then maybe. If I feel it is the right time to share more of my experiences.

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