Sunday, June 29, 2014

Emerald Tablet of Thoth the Atlantean

Some may have heard of the Emerald Tablet of Thoth, and you are probably wondering why Thoth isn't who many thought he was. Atlantis is a long lost civilization and this is the original home of Thoth. A man by the name of Doreal interpreted and translated the Emerald Tablets as Thoth gave permission for him to. Thoth warned that nobody is to change or take away or add to these tablets. The wrath of Thoth will be on that person. A few parts in the tablet talking about the history of Thoth. What I noticed is how he said a few statements that Jesus Christ said in the Bible. Especially how we are to not take away, add to, or change any of its scriptures. This is another link in which gives light to the existence of gods goddesses.

This is a hall Thoth speaks of. This hall is known as the Halls of Amenti. A second tablet explains these halls, also what is contained within them. Beings still reside within the Halls of Amenti . Thoth talks about the Halls of Amenti is used for the chosen ones to  become one with a human body. This is where reincarnation happens. Within the Halls of Amenti a flower began to blossom and grow. The more this flower grew the more of the darkness was driven back by the light this flower gave off. This flower is known as the Flower of Life. There are books which talk about the Flower of Life, but may not be on key with the Emerald Tablets explanation of this flower. 

Thoth also tells of the Ascended Masters which guide us from the darkness into the light. I could tell from my journey through life I was in the dark, but something brought me into the light. Any master of light gently guides those I assume were assigned to them. This year must be when more people are going to be led into the light. Mainly since a shift in consciousness will take place. The most impressive thing about these  tablets is that they are imperishable, also resistant to all elements, corrosion, and acid. All of the Emerald Tablets had been formed from a substance which was created through alchemical transmutation. Those secrets that Thoth has shared with the world can prove very useful to the most serious of students. I find these tablets to help myself understand a civilization that was close to being extinct. The Atlanteans including Thoth boarded on his masters ship, and escaped Atlantis before the sea swallowed this ancient city whole.

(Also when I mean ship. Not a spaceship. An actual ship that floats on water.)

Just thought I would briskly point that out. :)

Another part I read which involves the Atlanteans how they made it to Khem (Egypt). Thoth has the children of Atlantis separate to each part of the world. Thoth himself goes to Egypt and this is where he remains until he incarnates into Hermes Trismegistus. A lot of great ancient structures we have come across in the passing decades were masterfully crafted by the Atlanteans. So this pretty much solves the mystery of who built the Pyramids of Giza, Mayan temples, clearly every complex structure man himself could never accomplish on his own.

I myself find the Emerald Tablets so fascinating because they unlock secrets each time they are read over. I suggest people who haven't read the tablets to do so. You can actually Google the tablets and find pdf's of them. None have been altered from what I see because Thoth did leave a pretty clear warning to those who tried to alter any of the words being translated. I hope you found this post rather informative, and I really would love to see others learn from it.f

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