Monday, March 3, 2014

Channeling Into the Higher Realms of Existence.

Recently on I bought this book by Sanaya Roman called "Open to Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide." This book has detailed instruction from Sanaya and her husband Duane. Not only did they write the book, but their spirit guides wrote their parts within the book as well. I understand channeling can really help in reaching our higher states of consciousness, connecting with out spirit guides, give readings on future events (in our lives or the lives of our friends), seeking/obtaining pure knowledge, and connecting with our deities. 

In a lot of Christian churches what they never include when talking about seeking God is how can we truly seek Him. Of course we must do His will He has for us all, doing work in the name of the Lord, spreading love and forgiveness etc. Well they do not include the practice of channeling. Channeling helps us speak with spirits that have passed on especially ones that served an important purpose here on Earth such as Buddha, Jesus, St. Germaine etc. Jesus is in fact a spirit we cannot see Him, hear Him, or speak with Him since we are here in the Earthly (physical realm). He is many dimensions above us, but all deities can hear our thoughts, see our actions, and can hear what we say to them or to other people. The only way we can seek, hear, and speak with our deities is by channeling. 

Channeling as I just said above is when a person has the ability to speak with spirits. The spirits I refer to are the Higher Dimensional beings of Light. They are full of love and positive energies. Most importantly are beings of light. Spirits that you shouldn't lean an ear to include the Lower Dimensional beings of Darkness (Negativity). Those lower vibrational beings can half-truth information, make you feel doubtful, and make you feel fear and loneliness. 

Channeling is the true way we can seek out and find our deities we have worshiped for years. They are certainly real and not a myth. All myths have some form of truth in them. You can learn many things from deities even ones you never even thought about talking to. I currently have tried a few exercises in the book I spoke about above. I am using channeling to connect with my guide and work with him so I can be guided in the right direction. To help me better understand who I truly am. That is one question I have asked myself but never had an answer to. I know channeling will reveal who I am and how I can better understand how strong of a spirit I have.

I thought about getting this blog post about channeling out as soon as I was given this information from my higher consciousness. This information is vitally important and worth learning from because many do not know the power they have spiritually. Edgar Cayce is a great example, and I highly suggest those who reads this look up Edgar Cayce he is living proof that there is higher knowledge anybody can obtain. I hope you all have a great day. :)

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